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 Air conditioning, Ventilation and Heat pump installations, repairs and servicing in the North West, Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire

Ventilation installation Extract system


Bespoke Extraction system for a testing facility

Completed the installation of a specialist extraction system for a testing facility, we designed the bespoke system and completed the installation on time and the customer was more than pleased with the final product. Temptek put together the full package which included full commissioning of the air flows and upon completion our aftersales team put together a full O&M manual and our maintenance package has been accepted so we will continue to work with this customer for many more years.

Swimming pool heat pump De-humidifier


De-humidification system for a swimming pool

The customer was having moisure issues in his pool room, after inspection we found the system was under sized and the compressor had siezed. Also there was no real ventilation for the room, to rectify the problems we installed a new correctly sized de-humidifier system along with a heat recovery ventilation unit. Once the system was installed the swimming pool area was 100% more comfortable for the customer.

Air conditioning installation Cumbria Air conditioning installation


Air conditioning installation in a cafe

We was asked to design and install a comfort cooling system to a cafe in the Lake district, we utilised Mitsubishi air conditioning systems and provided the customer areas with cooling and heating all year round. The customer is extremely happy with the installation that they asked us to return and service some other systems they have on site.

Air conditioning installation in Wigan Air conditioning Installation


Air conditioning installation in Wine Bar

We replaced some old R22 air conditioning systems in the Wigan area to a modern wine bar, we selected air conditioning equipment that suited the style of the bar and our systems were installed in positions that blended in. The customer was very happy and has already started to notice a reduction in his energy consumption and feels the temperature of his bar is now alot more comfortable.


Temptek Limited moving to new office

We are moving to our new offices starting the 1st of April, this office is going to be our main hub for operations our air conditioning service team will work from this location and there will be support for our air conditioning installation department as well. This is a big step for for our company and one that we hope will help us keep growing and being able continuing offering our exceptional customer service.

Refrigeration repair Refrigeration circuit


Air Handling Units Refurbishment

This week we have been working on a unique project that included the adjustments of the existing air handling units refrigeration circuits. The existing refrigeration circuit has inadequate filter driers and liquid recievers, so we have stripped out the existing and installed a new filter driers with replaceable cores and a more adequate liquid reciever. We have done this to three air handling units and the changes will make the systems more efficient and will lower maintenance cost for the ciustomer in the long run.

At Temptek we can offer technical services on all types of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems our standard of work is extremely high and our knowledge is exceptional, with all this we can offer our customers a service that is second to none.

Water chiller repair Lennox water chiller


Lennox Water Chiller 

This week we have been called out to a process water chiller in Winsford as the system was not operating resulting in production being stopped. We attended site and found the coils to be completely blocked which was causing the system to trip on high pressure and high heat, Temptek cleaned the coils and reset the system and the unit is now fully operational and production can carry on.

Swimming pool heat pump repair Swimming pool heat pump


Swimming Pool Heat Pump

This week we have been repaired a customers swimming pool heat pump for there garden pool, the system was short on refrigerant. We pressure tested the system, repaired the leak and re-commissioned the unit. The customer called us the next day to tell us the pool temperature was great and the kids were enjoying having thier pool back.

Toshiba Air Conditioning Specialist Toshiba Air Conditioning Specialist


Toshiba VRF Modifications


We have been asked by Holiday inn to offer a solution to thier issues with the installed Toshiba VRF systems, these systems have been installed outside the manufacturers specifications which resulted in the flow selector boxes being noisy and waking up customers. After a site visit we suggested that all the flow selector boxes are wrapped in acoutic foam as re-locating the flow selector boxes was not possible, also we suggested that the air conditioning controls were replaced with a more basic control for each room as customers were using the controls incorrectly. We wrapped all the boxes, changed the controls for basic controls and made some background restrictions on the Toshiba software the reduce the modes, temperatures and times that are available. To keep the site energy efficient we added a universal off timer at 12pm and 12am so all air conditioning units go off at these times, the reason behind this was that most rooms will be empty after 12am so if the customers forgot to switch off the units they will go offautomatically to save energy.

Air conditioning company in Manchester Temptek Limited working with Cancer Research


Temptek Sponser MMA event

We were ashed by Gaz Yates to sponser him at the recent MMA event in Manchester, the event was to raise money for Cancer reasearch in the UK and we were proud to be part of this great cause, The event was well run and a great time was had by all, there was lots of money raised and this event will hopefully become a annual event that we will looking at getting involved in. 

Air conditioning company in Manchester Manchester based Air Conditioning Company


We Have Moved - New Year New Location

We have moved our office to a new premises based in Astley Greater Manchester, Temptek Limited now operate from Dam House, Astley Hall Drive, Manchester, M29 7TX. Dam House is a historical grade 2 listed manor house comprising of offices and a popular tea room.

Air conditioning company in Manchester National Air Conditioning Company


Temptek tie up national contract for mobile screening units

We have just tied up an agreement to maintain the mobile screening units accross the UK, each unit has a number of air conditioning split type systems with Elliwel controls that monitor room temperatures and humidities. 

Very proud of the team and the efforts put in to winning this agreement.

Air conditioning company in Manchester National Air Conditioning Company


Temptek take on first Starbucks project

We have been contracted to install air conditioning and ventilation to a new drive through Starbucks in Scotland. Due to our excellent quality and extensive knowledge of Toshiba systems we have been awarded a contract which includes full air conditioning package with associated duct work.

Air conditioning company in Manchester National Air Conditioning Company


Shaun Torr passes FGAS training

Our trainee engineer Shaun Torr Passed his City & Guilds refrigerant handling course today, he is now qualified to work on refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We at Temptek pride ourselves on offering our employees support and training to develop themselves and progress thier careers.

Air conditioning company in Manchester Specialist Air Conditioning Company


Temptek Win contract to supply air conditioning to NHS project

We are proud to have won a contract to supply and install air conditioning to nine specialist NHS mobile screening trailers, these will be built over the next 6 months. Each trailer will be installed with a top of the range ducted systems to maintain the comfort levels for the staff and the xray machines. We have put together a controls package that monitors the temperature and humidity of each room and allows for fault alarms to be sent to our client to inform them of any temperature changes that may cause issues to the equipment.

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